Quarantine Flash Mob Header image - Dance for your life

Join us in the Quaratine Flash Mob challenge and help us lighten the collective global vibe.


With all this Corona Virus sh*t, we found ourselves getting down in the wrong ways. It took a solid night of quarantined dancing for us to remember that we get to dictate our mindset through this experience. Our anxieties were lifted the more we dropped into our bodies, laughed, and let loose. Thus, Quarantine Flash Mob was born after review of the epic footage that was scraped together over the night of our return to fun. 
No, we aren’t good dancers, but we sure as hell had a great time and found a piece of ourselves again while laughing at our crappy moves. Check out our flash mob submission below and learn more about what a “quarantined flash mob” even is on our ABOUT PAGE.

Why Dance?

Dancing guy keeping a positive mindset
Jumping lady keeping her eye on the prize
Sexy dancing woman recovering from illness
Break dancing guy being cool despite hard times